MASS air



Welcome to the new generation of Airbag suits!
Designed for use on the circuit, both for novice riders and for professional pilots, MASS Air suits allow you to reuse the airbag system after deployment by simply replacing the integrated gas cartridge.
In 2 minutes, your MASS Air suit will be ready to protect you again. And again, and again, ...

Airbag guaranteed 4 years, single purchase and without subscription.


Internal airbagOur MASS Air suits incorporate the new Helite electronic airbag which is easily accessible, removable and interchangeable. The airbag is specially designed for MASS sports suits.
MASS Sports adds, to its suits, additional gussets around the shoulders and the waist to allow the deployment of this airbag whose inflation volume is the most important of all the airbags provided for motorcycle suits.


The airbag is triggered by electronic sensors located inside the airbag*.

The electronic unit and the gas cartridge are located inside the aerodynamic hump. Once the airbag is deployed after a fall, replacing the CO2 cartridge is quick and easy, allowing you to continue using your MASS Air suit with optimal protection. There is no need to return your airbag for reconditioning. The replacement of a gas cartridge takes only 2 minutes and can be done by anyone!

Protection volume: 17 liters (compared to 6 to 12 liters for most competitive airbags) distributed on either side of the spine, around the neck, on the collarbones, abdomen, chest and around the hips.

Protection FR

Unlike electronic airbags like those of In&Motion (IXON, FURYGAN, RST, HELD, ...), Helite's electronic airbag is a one-time purchase, without subscription and offering a 4-year warranty (register it online on Helite warranty website). Replacement gas cartridges are the only additional purchase required to continue reusing your airbag in the event of a fall! These only cost 59 €!

* Electronic trigger airbags have certain limits, ours do not deploy at speeds below 20 km/h, must be activated before use, do not deploy if GPS signals are absent (in tunnels for example), if the battery is low (2 days of use), Some very soft low-sides may not be detected (so far, all real low-sides have been covered).