Custom designs

We work in close collaboration with the official designer of MASS SPORTS, Sainte Hia Graphics, who can offer you a unique design, in your image, with your colors and corresponding to your needs.


Online configurator

Considering the innumerable possibilities of personalization, an online configurator would be too restrictive because it could not represent in a satisfactory way all the options of personalizations. This is why we prefer to work with a designer who can make your model by doing meticulous work on a computer. There are almost no limits to your ideas, your desires.

The colors, patterns, logos, pilot numbers, nicknames, ... are all unique and designed especially for you.


If you feel creative, or prefer to create your own model (or make a pre-project to make the designer's job easier), you can use the blank models below. You can do this on your computer or with your coulouring pencils.

Blank template Boots and gloves template

Examples of designs made